PHOCOS  Germany are world leaders in OFF GRID independent battery systems controllers 
               from simple to Complex Applications - Small to Large Systems
               in leisure , remote/village , marine , commercial , telecoms & industrial Applications
                                                      All Technolgies of Solar PV can be used OFF GRID & ON GRID Mono & Polycrystalline & Thin Film PV Solar Panels
                                                      and can be used in Multiple Source Hybrid Applications Combining solar , wind , hydro , biomass , fuel Cells & Back-up Generators

   MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracker Solar Charge Controller
   MPPT technology ensures maximum performance from your solar array in any weather conditions
   this means MPPT keeps charging even in cloudy or overcast days
   the MPPT can yield an energy gain of up to 30% from your PV system

   can be used with OFF Grid & ON Grid modules up to 95V 
   designed for 12V & 24V stand alone systems

   3 Stage charge regulation to extend battery life - DIN rail mounted

                          MPPT100/20   12/24V automatic recognition             MPPT100/30 12/24V automatic recognition
                          max pv power 12v 300Watts  24v 600Watts               max pv power 12v 450watts 24v 900watts
  phocos_Datasheet_MPPT30.pdf                           max charging current 20amps                                  max charging current 33amps
  phocos_Datasheet_MPPT10020_ENG.pdf             conversion effciency 97%                                          conversion effciency 98% +

                                                        part of the PHOCOS MPM range modular power management system
                                                        up to 16 units in parallel can be used with MCU or MGR controllers to achieve systems of any size

ca    C range of Solar Charge Controller are  designed for use in small pv systems 

           CM range is designed where the load disconnect feature is not required
          PWM battery charging with integrated temperature compensation
          extremley reliable , electronic fuse , PCB coating for protection against harsh environments 
           CM04 12volts 4amps                                           CM10  12volts 10amps

   CA  Solar  Charge Controller advanced temperature compensated two-stage PWM charging
          electronic fuse , protection from reverse polarity , short circuit , overcurrent , overload & reverse current

          CA06  12volts max pv current 5amps - max load current 6amps
                                                              CA08  12volts max pv current 8amps - max load current 8amps
                                                              CA10  12volts max pv current 10amps - max load current 10amps
                                                              CA14  12volts max pv current 14amps - max load current 14amps 
                                                       CML  solar charge controller is one of the worlds best selling controllers
                                                                over 250,000 controllers are currently in use in numerous projects around the world

                                                                high effciency the stage PWM charging with temperature compensation
                                                                5 LEDs for PV , battery , load status and malfunctions with acoustic signal alerts for system malfunction
                                                                complete protection against reverse polarity , short circuit , overcurrent , overvoltage & reverse current
                                                                12/24volt automatic detection , overcharge protection , boost charge , float charge , equalization charge

                                                                CML05  12/24volts max pv current 5amps - max load current 5amps
                                                                CML08  12/24volts max pv current 8amps - max load current 8amps 
                                                                CML10  12/24volts max pv current 10amps - max load current 10amps
                                                                CML15  12/24volts max pv current 15amps - max load current 15amps 
                                                                CML20  12/24volts max pv current 20amps - max load current 20amps
                                                      CMLNL same as CML range with fully integrated programmable timer , adjustable light ON / OFF points
                                                                  ideal for street lights , lighting , parking lots , bus-shelters etc
                                                       LC range offer simple low cost controller for small 12v applications
                                                                   overcharge and discharge protection with overload , short circuit and wrong polarity 
                                                                   LCC02/06 12Volts 2amps Max PV Current - 6amps max load current
                                                                   LCC04/08 12Volts 4amps Max PV Current - 8amps max load current                   
                                                                   INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL PV Solar charge controllers 

                                                      CX/CXN series is a sophistcated solar charge controller with exceptional features
                        CX_H_G                               one year datalogger to store system data and performance
   full electronic protection against short circuits , overload , overcurrent , reverse flow , incorrect polarity & over temperature 

   multifunctional LCD display to indicate SOC state of charge , available energy as a pecentage via battery guage symbol
   load status and nightlight function 

   CX10 12/24volts 10amps max pv current & load current
   CX20 12/24volts 20amps max pv current & load current
   CX40 12/24volts 40amps max pv current & load current

   CXN same with timer

                                                      PL Range Energy System Controllers for HYBRID Applications for PV Solar , Wind , Hydro , Fuel Cells & Back Up Generators Control
                                                           With control of several loads such as Lighting and Pumps & charging a second battery

PL40_H_G       12V , 24V 32V 36V & 48V in one controller
       Built in 30 days Datalogger & programmable Logic
       Hybrid system control
       Multifunctional LCD Display
       Widely programmable for simple to advanced schemes
       Optional RS232 computer & Modem Interface & External current sensing

       PL20 12-48Volts 20amps Max PV current & 20amps Load Current
       PL40 12-18Volts 40amps Max PV current &  7amps Load Current
       PL60 12-48Volts 60amps Max PV current & 30amps Load Current 
       PLA   Multi-PL control Unit allows up to three PL controllers to work together

cc_dingo_1        DINGO Solar charge controller shares many of the best features of the PL range
        12V , 24V , 32V 36V & 48Volts selectable in one unit
        Symetrical charge and load currents both 20amps
        Four stage Battery Charging
        512 Days 16 Months Integrated data storage
        Designed for High Temperature Performance at 50 Degrees Celcius with Full Charge & Load Current

         DINGO 20/20-1.1

                                                              CIS Industrial Solar Charge Controller
CIS_150                       IP68 Submersible Fully Waterproof Robust  and Compact Alumiun Housing
                       Designed for Extreme Weather Conditions ( Street Lights , Marine , Navigation Buoys )
                       Epoxy Sealed PCB and Unit , with no moving parts , very compact
                       Intelligent Timer Functions - Multi LED status Indication & Infrared Remote Control

                       CIS05  12/24Volts 5amps Max  PV Current & Load Current
                       CIS10  12/24Volts 10amps Max PV Current & Load Current
                       CIS20  12/24Volts 20amps Max PV Current & Load Current

                       CIS-CU Remote Control & Configuration Unit for CIS Controllers       


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